Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fun with my Buddy

Since this is Zakkai's last week before school starts and we now have limited use of the van, I wanted to do something special with him. We've been having fun hanging out, doing puzzles (8 yesterday...), cleaning, taking walks, etc but this boy loves special trips and I wanted to spend special time with my big boy.

I was racking my brain trying to figure out where to take him that is free and not too far away when I remembered this beautiful little park that we passed not long after we moved here that B and I both wanted to come back to.

Zakkai eagerly helped me pack up a yummy picnic lunch for us and impatiently waited for his little sis to wake up. He wanted to leave her at home and get going but I quickly nixed that idea:)

It was well worth the blind 20 minute trip when we finally found "our" park! It is just a beautiful place with water fountains, a lake, strategic benches placed about, a kid's playground and to Z's utter delight and excitement, a water playground!

E was happy to sit and munch on cheerios for awhile before the real excitement began:)

 Once Zakkai realized there would be a possibility of getting wet, he could barely focus on eating his lunch! He literally ate backwards, staring at the water area wondering how he was going to find the button to activate the sprinklers.
 There was a really nice playground, too, that we never even got to play on!
 The sprinklers were giant flowers and leaves that shower down on the kids. There are also little sprinklers that periodically shoot up from the ground. Z quickly discovered the button and was completely enthralled for the next 45 min or more!
 Chasing the little spurts of water..
 Trying to plug up as many holes as he could....By the time he was done, he was absolutely soaked. And we had no towel or extra clothes:)
 Eliana got to come out and watch for awhile and yelled at Zakkai the whole time. "Da! Daa! DAAAAAAAA!" She wanted to go in, too:)
 But instead her mean old mommy tried to pose her for pictures.
 Who could help photographing such a little beauty?
 Z was too cold to go look at the water fountains after his water playing so we headed home!
 I had to do some quick improvising since Z was soaked head to toe. I had him strip down to only his dripping wet undies and gave him my sweatshirt to wear! He thought it was pretty funny and spent the whole trip home trying to bury himself inside the hood so no one could see him (a.k.a. Eliana:)

It was really fun to spend time with just my two littlest ones. It's weird to be without Samuel and we missed him. But it was also nice to just let Zakkai "be" without opinions and arguments or bossing. He's such a sweet boy!

And he's already planning our next trip there:)

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