Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Great Day!

 I still can't believe that we are back in school mode already! It will be an adjustment for us these next few weeks as we are staggering all of my "men" starting school. S was yesterday, B starts his new teaching job next Mon and Z starts preschool the day after Labor Day.

Whew! It will take a little time to get into the groove but sometimes it's nice to shake things up a little:)

Today I walked back and forth to school 6 times! It's a nice 8 minute walk (depends on how fast you walk:) but today was really hot and humid! The school has open lunch which means the kids don't have to stay for that hour. I told Samuel he could come home 2 days a week for lunch and that way we will get extra hugs and save a little $. (It costs $ to have them stay for lunch).

Since it was the first long day today he chose to spend lunch time with us:) He is handling this transition SO much better than I dared to hope! Tomorrow he will lunch with his new class and I really hope he does well. I will miss him being gone for so many hours and I know I'll have to pray often and trust my sweet boy to God.

I met with his teacher this afternoon to give her a heads up about his sensory issues. I feel that she needs to know what he has struggled with in the past and what are challenges for him so she can be aware if anything crops up and we can work together to help him blossom this year. I walked away from the short meeting even more thankful for what seems like a perfect teacher match for Samuel!

Zakkai is my buddy now. He was a bit sad yesterday after Samuel went into school and told me that he almost cried;( They are such buddies! Today he rode his bike for a bit outside and then came in and helped me clean. I had to do a thorough sweeping and mopping because the tiniest member of our clan insists on eating every blasted spec and crumb she can find, which today resulted in a very scary few minutes of her choking and gagging on a small leaf.

Fun times. So Z helped me windex the sliding door that is covered with approximately 436 little boy finger prints and smudges and helped scrub off cabinet fronts and mop a bit. He actually loves to help clean! The other day he refused to go outside (they were getting a bit wild) so Ben gave him 3 options: Go outside, clean or sit in time-out. He chose cleaning:) And spent the next long while happily scrubbing the downstairs bathroom and cleaning off door knobs and lightswitches.

You will hear no complaints from me!

Little Miss is ever-changing. She's been a bit clingy and fussy the past two days and I tricked her into checking her gums and discovered that her second tooth is poking through! She immediately reached up and stuck her finger inside my mouth:) Touche!

She also has changed her "bye-bye" wave with her hand facing herself. She looks down at her hand like, "What are you doing?" And she did her first baby sign!! She does "Light", which was Zakkai's favorite sign:) She likes all the cheering and the boys really like being able to teach her! We are working on other signs like "eat"  "more" and "all done" and slowly adding in new ones every few days like "book" (when we read to her at night) and "fan" etc. I can't wait for her to start picking the signs up!
Tonight we had the most delicious dinner! I just had to share:) We've never made shishkabobs here but I found an amazing recipe and I think we'll be making them much more often as long as the weather allows....

I highly recommend!
Honey Chicken Shishkabobs

*I followed the recipe, minus the black pepper, of course:) I used 3 whole chicken breasts, cut into 1 in pieces. I didn't have minced garlic so I used powdered. I've heard it's better if you can marinate even longer than the 2 hours!

We threaded the chicken on 2 skewers and cut up baby bell peppers on the others. I tried to add boiled potatoes but they kept falling off so I ended up roasting them instead:) We served it with jasmine rice and it was SOOOOO good!

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Grandma W said...

I am so thankful S is enjoying school...and that he has the perfect teacher. Can you tell us a little more about Z's school - how close is it? What days? What times? Also I like the pic of Miss E in the entertainment cabinet. She is certainly a discoverer (if that is a word). Love you all so much.