Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New

Happy New Year!

This past year:

*Turned from a 4 year old into a very independent 5 year old.
*Finished his first year of preschool
*Started kindergarten
*Has (and is) learned to read
*Made his first best friend, Peter:)
*Has learned to play a lot of new games (ex. Go Fish)
*Met and fell in love with his baby sister

January 2010

 December 2010


*Turned 3 years old
*Got potty-trained (still struggle with the pooping part though.)
*Started pre-school and is thriving!
*Continued(s) with his light/plug obsession.
*Started memorizing songs and books!
*Starting pretend playing and using his imagination more.
*Got more independent and insists on doing things HIMSELF. But still likes to hold our hands:)
January 2010
November 2010


*Was born!
*Has learned to smile and coo
*Is really aware of where we are.
*Loves to watch her brothers
*Is now regularly sleeping 6-8 hours a night and we are hoping for more soon!
*Has rejected all bottle attempts.
*Is sweet, kissable and beautiful!
We had a busy year with lots of sickness last winter, my mouth surgery, being pregnant, moving, buying a "new" van, both boys starting school, having Eliana, Ben traveling for his conference....
We are very curious and excited to know what this new year holds for us. Will we move again? Will Ben get a job and finish his dissertation? My big kindergartner will turn 6 (wiping tears now..), Z will be 4 at the end of next month (what??!!) and Eliana will I can't say it yet. Forget that for now.

We are looking forward to new beginnings, creating new routines as a family and most of all, focusing more on God together as a family and learning how to live for Him, creating a good example for our kiddos and having a peaceful home full of love.

Welcome 2011!

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