Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Your Amusement

Today's stories:

Zakkai was turning up his nose at our soup last night and refusing to try any of it, which is unusual for him. Samuel complained for a minute and then started eating, knowing, by now, that we wouldn't give in:) After forcing down an unwanted bite, he laid his spoon down and said,

Samuel : "Zakkai, Zakkai, just eat that soup. It is soo good!"
Me, suspicious: "Did you like the soup, Samuel?"
Samuel grins sheepishly and shakes his head , "No."

Good try, son!
At lunchtime today, I had to leave Zakkai finishing his lunch at the table to go feed Eliana. I heard Zakkai muttering to himself and then he came and stood in the doorway of my room and said, "Mommy! The avocado seed has an arm!"

Then he ran away and I heard him rummaging around in the silverware drawer. Minutes later, he appeared around the corner holding the offensive avocado seed on a spoon straight out in front of him, with a plastic knife (a kid's knife, don't worry!) in the other hand. He had such a comical, revolted look on his face that I started to laugh.

He was not amused.

"Mommy, look! It has an ARM!" I asked him to come closer so I could inspect the offensive seed only to see a small protrusion at the end. As he stepped closer to me, he tripped and the seed bounced off of his spoon and rolled away.

He jumped back towards the bed as fast as he could and exclaimed, "Uh! I don't want it to touch my foot!" And then he proceeded to crouch down and very carefully try to prod the seed into the spoon with the knife. I was laughing so hard at this point because he was so serious and so disgusted over this seed. After a couple of minutes, he finally succeeded in getting the seed into the spoon and turned for the door.

In between fits of laughter, I suggested that he go show daddy. He turned around, with his disgusted face and said very solemnly, "No. I can't. I just need to frow it away."

And he did:)
At dinner, Ben asked me if E was asleep and I told him she was...until I dropped my phone on the way out of the bedroom, which led to a discussion of how he thinks I should never own expensive equipment (I am still offended...sniff!)

I protested and said, "Well, I really do want to own a nice camera someday! I would take good care of it!"

Zakkai, who was listening while he ate and who just happened to have our old broken camera-turned toy right in front of him, piped up and said, "But you didn't take good care of this one!"

Ben about peed his pants laughing so hard and choked out, "From the mouth of babes!"

I can't win.

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Muggalove said...

Hmm...I had a very similar discussion with Derek.