Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Me An' My Boy

Today I had another random terrible, horrible migraine that rendered me useless and sickly and grumpy. And, feeling bad enough not to be able to drive safely, I couldn't get the boys to school this morning (Ben took Samuel when he got home), so the Z-man and I got to spend a little extra time together.

That boy, this boy, this craaaaazy boy is a nut! And I'm sure you believe it by now. And if you don't, please see any entries regarding Zakkai in the past 3 months and you will be converted.

This boy looooves his sister. He asked me very nicely if he could hold her the other day. She lasted approximately 2 min and 43 seconds before she decided she'd had enough but at least I got a good picture to document their love before she's old enough to fight with.

As soon as Daddy and Samuel left for school, Zakkai came to entertain me with his wild notions and happy personality. He brought out some blocks and told me he had some broken arms.

And broken legs:) Oh, and I had to have some broken arms, too. Thankfully, my legs were too big to be broken and casted.

And then he showed me how sad he would be if he really had a broken leg. Very convincing!

And then he as he watched me take pictures of him, a little memory tucked away in the back of his incredibly busy mind came rushing to the front. And he remembered that we had told him he could have our broken camera. I directed him to its safe nesting spot where it was resting in peace before being clutched in the hands of a dangerous almost 4 year old.

And he was happy for the rest of the day.

And at bedime, I discovered the camera hidden in the deep recesses of his covers for some sneaky nighttime play.

He's a crafty one.

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