Friday, January 7, 2011

911 Continued...

Today on the way home from preschool, Zakkai picked up an old cell phone that he had left in the car from yesterday. He started punching buttons in his phone and casually said:

"Mommy? Can I have a new battery in this phone?"

"Uh, no, Zakkai. You can't because that phone doesn't work anymore. It's a play phone."

"But why?! I want a new battery!"

"No, Zakkai, you aren't getting a battery because then you would call phone numbers and it wouldn't be good."

"But then it would work and I could call 911!"


"Zakkai? Remember that 911 is ONLY for emergencies? It's not to call for fun, okay?



"What, mommy?"

"Zakkai, we don't call 911 except for emergencies, okay?" OKAY?????

"Mmmmmhmmmm." The sound of the phone buttons being pushed fills the car.

Oh dear.


Charity said...

Oh Dear is right! For some reason I foresee a blog in the near future about a fire truck and police cars showing up at your house. Hehe.

grandma said...

Funny thing I foresee same thing Charity.

mommyoflove2 said...

even funnier...I forsee it, too! I'm in trouble!