Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Part II (In Pictures)

Here are some fabulous cookies that will most likely become an annual tradition! They were so cute that Z decided he wanted to make one, too. See bottom right:)

 A close-up of the buttery goodness:)
 Christmas Eve Christmas with Ben's mom.
 Christmas Day at Muggas. Lots of presents!
 My beautiful sister and her hubby!
 Z was actually quiet for at least a half an hour while playing with his new engine toy from mommy and daddy. My future mechanic!
 Samuel putting together his new Toy Story legos with his favorite Uncle Tim!
 Mugga grabbing some snuggle time with Miss E.
 Mugga, what did you do to my hair?!
 Mommy, I need a bow or something!
 The boys loving their new robes made by Mugga!
 Some of the games and puzzles the boys recieved for Christmas!

And do you think the boys have been happily playing with all of their new toys since we've been home?

No. They have only been interested in playing wii and playing with old random toys that they've never really cared about before!


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