Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Bunny Story

Tonight's bedtime story is brought to you by Ben, Heidi, Samuel and Zakkai:

Heidi: Once upon a time there was a brown bunny who lived in the woods. His name was Twinkle and he was very lonely so he decided to look for a friend!

Zakkai: And then he met a friend and he was a white bunny named Twinkle Little Star! And then they went home.

Samuel: And then they drank hot chocolate.

Ben: And along came a bunny named Big Star. And he pounded on the door and told them he wanted to drink ALL their hot chocolate!

Heidi: (saves story from downward spiral) And Twinkle and Twinkle Little Star were afraid. They were trembling and closed their eyes, afraid of Big Star. But they realized it was quiet and they peeked open one eye to find Big Star smiling at them. He was a very nice Grandpa bunny!

Zakkai: And then they went to Big Star's home and went in the garage and there was an old car.

Samuel: And then they drank hot chocolate because it was snowing. And then it was summer and they played on the playground.

Ben: And along came old Grey Star and he was meeeeann...

Heidi: (saves story again from downward spiral) There was no old Grey Star. It was winter time again and it was snowing so Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Big Star decided to have a winter snow party! They popped popcorn and had peppermint ice cream and watched "The Three Bunnigo's."

Zakkai: And then they looked at the fan and turned it on...and then-

Heidi: And then they had a wonderful time at the party and were wonderful friends and lived happily ever after!!

Samuel: Wait! I didn't get to go. And then it was summer again-

Heidi: The story is over now. You can start a story tomorrow.


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