Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Flu bites again.

 We had a random day today. Z woke up crying in the middle of the night but he wouldn't talk to us and tell us what was wrong.  We figured it out when he woke up with an upset tummy and almost threw up on me!

The weird part? We kept him home from school to be safe and he was perfectly fine the rest of the day! But then I got sick and spent the morning dozing on the couch (in between feeding the baby and making sure Z wasn't up to mischief, of course!) At one point, I was dozing, trying to sleep away the pounding headache and churning stomach, and Zakkai was reading books on the floor by the couch and kept holding up pages to show me and talk about. I kept trying to muster up the energy to mumble responses to him....not that he needed any! My little chatterbox:)
Miss Eliana had a wonderful day of sleeping...probably because she got to snuggle with me a lot! And what I thought was a nap at 5:15pm, has turned into bedtime as she is still asleep! We will see what the night holds...
And my loving husband blessed me with some homemade chicken noodle soup tonight. What a lovin' husband! It was pretty good, too, except for the red pepper flakes he snuck in it. Have I ever mentioned his new red pepper obsession? Well, he has one. He adds red pepper to EVERY single dinner I make! As long as he's happy...

I am feeling better now, thankfully, because when the mama is down, the whole house is down. Isn't that the truth?! But I'd better get to bed early so I can be 100% for the busy day tomorrow!

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