Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 Months

Today our sweet girl is 3 Months old!

How in the world can it be 3 months already?!! (pretty sure I said that at 1 month and 2 months:) She is changing so quickly!

In the past month she has/is:

1. Rolled over (1.18.11)

2. Started staring at her hands and following their movements

3. Watching toys, talking to them and now starting to grab them!

4. Settling into more of a sleep routine (taking longer than her big bros but she will get there!)

Sleeps about 5:30pm-12 or 1am, then til 5:30-6am (on a good night with a few regressed nights here and there)

5. Following in the footsteps of her brothers by sucking on her fingers! Woohoo! (1.16.11) I woke up in the middle of the night to some serious slurping/sucking noises only to find her sucking on the fingers of her left hand. She is getting better and better which is helping her nighttime sleep! She alternates between hands:)

6. Become more aware of all of our movements and watches us, especially her busy brothers!

7. Talking (cooing) more. Soft sweet noises and sometimes sharp inhales when she's really excited.

8. Smiling sooooo big that her face scrunches up and her dimple shows so sweetly!

9. Breaking out of her swaddle (we call her houdini baby) so now we don't swaddle her arms anymore (which helps with the finger sucking!)

10. Loving nakedness! Since she was born, she has loved bathtime/diaper changes and that continutes strongly. She was in a serious fit yesterday and calmed down and smiled immediately when I changed her diaper. Stinker!

11. Getting more emotional~smiling and talking, then crying really hard the next minute when overtired, wanting to tell us (talk-fuss) when she is upset (so cute!), almost laughing but not quite.

11. Loving when her feet are kissed. She loves to be touched and kissed! (and we love to do it!)

Happy 3 months to the sweetest, most lovable little girl in the world!

(the camera is to the side at first because she ALWAYS stops performing (smiles, talking, etc) when she sees the camera or phone!)


Grandma W said...

What a sweet little grandaughter I have! Watching the video makes me want to jump in the car and drive up - and hold her like there is no tomorrow!! I love you all so much.

mommyoflove2 said...

you can jump in the car and come anytime!!

Charity said...

Love those chubby cheeks!