Monday, January 31, 2011

Hooray and Boo

Or perhaps, Boo and Hooray?

Boo because: the boys are sick and E is coming down with it, too. I should've wondered when they all were sleeping soundly on the way home from an Ikea trip on Friday! Z started first with cold symptoms and quickly progressed to the beginning stages of croup and sounded SO bad yesterday (but actually didn't go into it last night, hooray!), Samuel started with a nasty headache Sat night and started the cold yesterday and tonight E woke up from a 4 hour nap screaming and refusing to eat:(

The joys of small apartment living and family love. Boo.

Hooray because:

After almost 1 1/2 years (due to illnesses, moving, babies, school, etc), we finally finished our alphabet books!! Yea! I haven't reset up the alphabet wall due to lack of....a wall:) But the boys kept asking to finish their books and I kept putting it off until it seemed like the perfect project while stuck inside yesterday.

Finally, mommy! I've been waiting and waiting...

He wanted to cover up his bones with gray:)

Banana was the one thing he could think of in the house that was yellow:)

I hope I never see a zebra with orange eyes in real life. Creepy! But sort of cute....:)
My anti-picture taking dude

Love the green face!

Because he yells a lot?
The most colorful zebra I've ever seen!
And even though she didn't get to do an alphabet book, Eliana wanted to say hello!

Okay, maybe not. (don't worry, she got lots of love and cuddles 2 seconds after the picture was taken!)

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