Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zany Zakkai

Yesterday, the second graders started the countdown til the end of school. That is crazy! The teachers put together an ABC countdown for the last 26 days of school. Yesterday was an Art Project and today they made Bookmarks. I really cannot believe the year has flown by so quickly! I already am filling out school forms for next year and it freaked me out a little to see "3rd" next to Samuel's grade and "1st" next to Zakkai's.

I can't even think about it! Tomorrow is Pajama Day for Zakkai's school and he is so excited! They are allowed to bring a favorite book, a pair of slippers and one stuffed animal to school. He has his all lined up next to his bed, ready to go:)

This afternoon, as we were coming in from school Z said, "Mommy, first the kindergartners have pajama day, then the first graders, then the second graders, then the third graders....(fast forward 2 minutes) and then the fourteenth grader, then the fifteenth graders and then the sixteenth graders!"

I paused and said, "Zakkai, there aren't sixteen grades. There are only twelve and then you go to college."

He immediately protested, as I knew he would, and exclaimed, "Nuh-uh!! There are sixteen grades in Samuel's school! I know there are!"

I said, "Zakkai, it goes up to sixth grade in Samuel's school. Not sixteen. I promise. Mommy does know a few more things than you."

He continued to argue with me until he put the question to Samuel, who deflated his balloon. What a kid!

He also argued with Ben a few nights ago that you could pass someone by in age. He insisted that one of his classmate's sisters was in preschool when he was a baby and now he was in kindergarten and she was still in preschool! Ben asked him, "So, are you going to be older than Samuel someday?"

He said yes. Because his birthday comes before Samuel's in the year:)

He keeps us on our toes!!

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Auntvt said...

ZZ is a little guy with a strong spirit and He just has a big imagination.. You kind just need to keep talking to him to sort through what else he is thinking about....;) got to love him!