Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Success Night!

Tonight was Samuel's Success Night at school, where we got to go in his classroom and see some of his work and have him show us around. He really wanted to show us all the projects that the class finished, including his Rainforest Project (see last week!). There was a really cute slideshow playing so you could see pictures of the class working, on field trips and when Mystery Readers have come. There was a really cute one of Samuel and I when I read last month!

In this picture I took above, Samuel is standing in front of some Monster stories that the class wrote. Oh my goodness, hilarious!! Samuel's story was about a monster named "Spiky Spike," who was lost. I will definitely be sharing the story when he gets to bring it home! It's a keeper for sure:)

Samuel's teacher is only weeks away from delivering her 4th baby, so Samuel will be finishing his last few weeks of school with a sub. Weird that both boys' teachers have had/are having babies this year! His teacher is so nice and tells me over and over, if she could clone Samuel and have a whole class of him, she would be thrilled!

It's crazy getting this close to the end of the school year (less than 7 weeks left!!) and realizing that Samuel will be in THIRD grade next year and Zakkai in FIRST! Wow. The time is just flying. And I tell you, it's already overwhelming having Samuel doing homework everyday and I am not looking forward to both boys having homework everyday! Right now Z only gets homework on Tuesday, with some books sent home to read here and there. I guess I don't have to worry about that yet; just have to make a plan to keep them busy this summer!

We are already planning on putting the boys in vacation Bible school in June and hopefully we'll be able to afford getting them in a sport or a couple classes at the Rec center.

Must keep boys busy for my sanity! Eliana will enjoy having her "brudders" home. She wanted me to go get them from school mid-morning! She'll love having the company, for sure. More people to dote on her:)

We're all at least really looking forward to some warmer weather that sticks and some sunshine. Remind me I said this in July, please!

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Aunt t said...

Such a nice boy! I like his blue jacket, he is a sharp little man! Is he an easy child to raise? He seems so obedient.