Monday, April 8, 2013


What a beautiful day out today! It started out with pouring rain and ended with short-sleeves and sun! Samuel's been working on a big project about the Rain Forest with Daddy so they headed off to the library to do research this afternoon and Z, E and I took a little walk and stayed outside while dinner was cooking. Eliana definitely has the outside bug these days!

I am feeling so much better today. I was a mess Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Hopefully this was our last big sickness from winter. Thankfully, aside from some colds and sinus infections, we have been pretty healthy this winter.
Last night, Zakkai was getting ready for his shower and he put his leg up on the bed and said, "Mommy? Mommy, my leg hairs used to be clear and now they are turning gray and blond!" His outrageous descriptions are never-ending! I will miss his non-sensical ways when he gets older:)
Eliana has figured out how to open doors now. Bathroom privacy went out the window for everyone! We often hear the door slam shut and find her inside the bathroom. So today, while I was having a long overdue chat with my cuz, she kept going inside the bathroom. I remembered the door knob covers I had leftover from the boys. I found one and snapped it on the downstairs bathroom and almost immediately cries of outrage ensued!

She was SOOOO mad at me! She cried for at least 10 minutes and then hit it until it broke apart and fell off! I snapped it back on and she kept crying. It was a little funny how mad she got. Later after we got back from a quick trip to the library, she saw it again and started to cry again and said, "I don't want it white door, Mama!!" (the cover is white.) Miss Independent Two-Year Old!

Baby Anna continues to live a happy, mostly peaceful life with her 2 year old mama. She did get thrown to the floor in anger tonight (which earned a time-out!) but usually Eliana cares for her with gentleness and definite ideas!

Recently, I came across this sight:

Baby Anna in Eliana's (clean) potty seat on the stairs:) Smiles are never hard to find around here!!

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muggalove said...

HaHa! Your stories make me laugh!