Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Rain Forest!

 This has been the longest week for me! Usually they fly by but for a few reasons, this one is drrraaaaagggggiiiinnngg. Ugh.

Samuel is on antibiotics for an infected finger. Doesn't that sound weird?? He picked at a hangnail and didn't show me the finger until the end of our trip in Florida and it was very swollen and red. We've been trying to soak it and put ointment on it for over a week and a half, to no avail. It was looking really bad so I got him in and now after only 3 doses of the meds, it's clearing up fast. It looks like he'll lose part of his nail though.

He promises he'll stop picking at his nails....;)

Eliana has a nasty cough that came on all of the sudden yesterday. She woke up with the hoarsest voice today and a grumpy 2 year old attitude, in which she is becoming quite proficient! She clung to me like a monkey baby but when she finally agreed to eat some breakfast, she perked up. Hopefully it will pass soon!

Tonight I made some French fries to go with our BBQ shredded pork sandwiches, which was a rare treat! Eliana said, "Can we eat some fwench fwidays?" love it!
Samuel and Daddy have been working long and hard on a school project, with occasional help from me, over the past week and a half. I felt really overwhelmed adding a project into the daily mix and it brought back feeling of being in school so I very happily surrendered the bulk of it to Ben!

Here they are with the final product!

That's a proud boy! They did research at the library, looked up websites, watched the Rainforest segment of Planet Earth and more over the past week and a half. Samuel did the typing on the computer and really learned a lot of information!!

First big project done.....many more to come. Why does that make me want to run and hide??

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Emily and Frank said...

Tell Samuel (and Ben) good job on his poster! I like all the colors!