Saturday, April 13, 2013

Florida, Africa and Mexico.

The boys bring home approximately 50 papers a week from school. That's a LOT of paper! I feel like I'm always in the process of organizing papers. What to keep, what to toss out, what to save for later, etc.

One paper that I hardly ever throw out is Zakkai's weekly journal from school. He never fails to either melt my heart with his adorable little boy spelling mistakes or make me laugh with his outlandish thoughts!

I love that he's only 6. I love that he still puts his shirts on backwards or inside out sometimes. I love the recent increase in hugs from him and his eyes so bright as he tells a wild school story:) Today I told Ben, after hearing Z screech at Samuel for the 16th time, that I can't wait to see what kind of girl he's going to marry someday! I bet God has someone really special!

I was heading upstairs tonight and I realized I hadn't read his journal for this week. Of course, I had to share!

The first question asked how people travel and naming some different ways to get around. Zakkai's response?

"I cood take a race car to Florda. I cood take a car to Afrca. I cood take a double decker bus. I cood take a bus."

And you know, if you told Zakkai he couldn't take a car to Africa, he would defend it with all of his might!!

The other question that I loved his answer to was, "Where would you like to travel? Pick your top three places and write a sentence for each."

"I would like to travel to Florda and I would like to travel in a car. I would like to trive (drive) in a car to Africa. I would like to trive in a car and I would like to trive to Mexico."

His teacher's response? "Wow!!" I'm sure she gets a kick out of reading some of the kids' journaling and I wouldn't be surprised if Z often makes her laugh!

Our Missy Girl hasn't been feeling well for a few days. She started with a nasty cough on Wednesday night and sneezed allll day yesterday (all over everything and everyone!) and was SO pathetic looking today! No fever, thankfully, but the saddest, reddest, weepiest little eyes you ever saw. She's been clinging to her Mama like a baby monkey. She comes with me everywhere!

Before dinner, I needed to make a quick trip to the store. I tried to make a getaway while my trio was involved in a cartoon but she spotted me like a cat spots a mouse! She immediately started crying to come with me. At the store, I was pushing the cart down the aisle and she said, "Should we get some fwench fwidays?" I guess she's realized her love for potatoes! I can't deny that it might be hereditary. I love potatoes!

I said, "No, we're not getting French fries. Would you like to have some spaghetti when we get home?" She shook her adorable head and said, "Huh-uh. I want bwead and ice cream!"

Such definite opinions for such a little creature! I must add that she seemed very happy with her "psketti" tonight:)

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