Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring! Maybe.

The closer we get to May, the more hopeful all of us Mid-westerners get that spring will actually arrive someday soon! The constant up-down temperatures will even out. The muddy grass will dry up. The sun will shine more consistently and the wind will die down so that 60 degrees actually feels like 60 degrees instead of 50. We can put away our hats and coats for good and bring out the lightweight clothes that have been stored under beds, in closets or in Tupperware for the longest season of the year.

I remember just before moving here, being told that there were pretty much 2 seasons here. Winter and summer. I was like, "Wha? No. That can't be true! 9 months of winter?" It's pretty much true, my friends. We get about 3 weeks of fall, endless months of winter from Oct-May, a few weeks of beautiful weather in June and then we boil in July, August and part of September.

The bright side is (no pun intended..) that we do not take our sun for granted! We relish the gentle fresh air of spring (when it actually comes and stays), soak in the vibrant color of the green grass (before the summer heat kills it) and shade our eyes from the blindingly pale skin on our arms and legs.

Today, we finally reached one of those days. It's best not to look ahead in the forecast, we've learned. It changes every few days anyways. But just to enjoy what we've been given today!

The boys played and played after school until their cheeks were rosy, their hands were grimy with dirt and they smelled like sweat and outdoors. Eliana ran and ran as fast as her 2 year old legs (short ones, thanks to me!) could take her. The doors were cracked open this afternoon to let some fresh air blow away the staleness of winter and once again, I had hope that maybe, just maybe we'll be able to pack away our winter clothes soon.

Because I'm awfully sick of seeing the same sweatshirts and sweaters on all of us week in and week out! Bring on the color! Bring on the sunshine and spring!
We're ready!

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