Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beautiful Day!

We had a brief reprieve from the rain today and we decided to soak up every minute of the sunshine before the rain descends again all this week! This morning when I told Ben it was supposed to reach 70 today, he said, "Are you sure you're not looking at Florida weather?!"
But sure enough, the dismal chill disappeared into sunshine by the time church was over and after a good naptime for our girlie, we headed to the park!

She looks so big in the pictures but really, she's such a little thing! She's wearing 18 month size clothes here!

The boys were riding their scooters to the park and unfortunately, Samuel hit an uneven patch in the sidewalk and really gashed up his knee:( I had to help him back home to get it all cleaned and bandaged up. He pouted on the bench for awhile....

But I was able to lure him off of the bench by taking some pictures, which he hates!

We threw the football around for awhile and kicked the soccer ball..

Zakkai is learning how to catch pretty well! Maybe he'll take after his Grandpa-great and be a football player!

I love these two!

Eliana soon grew bored with playing in the field and started begging to go to the very crowded playground. Everyone came out of the woodworks for the rare display of sunshine!

Missy saw her brothers swinging and decided she needed to also! A few minutes later, the boys came running over to help push her:)

Samuel's gimpy leg was soon forgotten....well mostly:)

This made us laugh! Zakkai is such a crazy boy!!

Eliana throws herself down the slides like a pro! She discovered that she could hang over this one and thought that was pretty funny:)

We had a really good time playing with each other and soaking in the fresh air before heading home for breakfast for dinner night.

A great way to end the weekend!


Grandma W said...

Just wanted you to know even though I haven't commented lately, I am still enjoying your blog every day. The pics and videos are so nice. The pic of E running with the red ball is so cute. Love to all.

Emily and Frank said...

She can still fit into 18-month clothes?! She is so dainty! Let me know if you need any clothes since mine is already having to wear some 3T stuff!!

mommyoflove3 said...

I know, crazy right, Emily?! She is mostly growing out of 18 months (they are perfect fitting, no room to grow) so I mostly dress her in 24 mos or 2T but have to roll up sleeves and pants!