Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Florida State Park!

 On Wednesday, since the weather was starting to warm up, we all decided we needed to get out and do something different! We drove about an hour away to a beautiful small state park! It was a perfect day to do it, not too hot and not too cool:)

First we all had to pose for some family pictures. It's not my favorite we've ever taken but the scenery was beautiful!

Mugga and Papa

I LOVE my sis's family picture!

They had a swimming area but with the "watch out for gators" sign nearby, we decided to skip that;) The water was beautiful though!

My cuties!

There were several beautiful waterfall spots. Perfect for picture taking and gazing!

This was one of my favorites, with the pretty pink flowers growing next to it!

Nature is just so beautiful and such a good reminder of God's amazing handiwork:)

I'm so thankful that even if it was cooler than we were hoping for, it was at least sunny most of the time and we were together!

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