Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Sillies

Remember that cold I mentioned I was getting? It is kicking my behind. I am chugging along doing what I need to do but I have a fever, weepy eyes, congestion and aching head. Oh, the joy...Just hoping I'm the end the of the cycle and not passing it on!

I admit, it's very hard to stop kissing and cuddling my chickies, esp Missy Girl:(

Today, I drugged up (myself) and took Zakkai on his promised prize-date which he earned from his chart. We went to see a movie, just the two of us! It was fun being with just him. We saw "The Croods," which was pretty cute. He loved it and during the funny parts he would always look up at me to share the moment:) Afterwards, we went to Target, where he got to pick out a dollar section toy for himself and his siblings. He picked a little screwdriver! Funny boy. He came right home, opened it up and started finding things to open up. My little mechanic!

I have a funny little video to share from a few nights ago, when Ben was gone for dinner. My funny kiddos!

Before the video, I just wanted to take a minute to explain what I meant by Ben's "defense" the other night. I had to learn all this terminology and sometimes I forget that not everyone lives in academic world:) haha.  So Ben had to turn in a full draft of his dissertation to his NELC (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) office 4 weeks before defending, along with signatures from his committee on a form.

A defense is just that, a defending of the dissertation. Ben will go in a room with his academic advisor and reading committee (the professors he chose to read and edit his dissertation all along), the dean of the program and another representative. Plus, anyone else in the public who would like to attend. He half wants me to go and I half want to go. It makes me too nervous!

Anyways, he has to give a "talk" about his dissertation for about 25 minutes and then they get to ask him questions and he has to "defend" it and show that he really knows what he's talking about. After this is over, he and everyone but the committee leaves the room and they put it to a vote. Once they decide whether he passes or not, they call him back into the room and give him their decision. Generally, they will not let someone get to this point and fail them. He would have to totally fail to show he knows his stuff and after 3-4 years of emersing himself in his topic, that would be crazy!

After that, he'll have another week or so to do a little more editing on the dissertation and then he has to give a final copy to the Dissertation Office where it has to sit for 4 weeks before convocation. And then June 15th, if all goes well (Lord-willing!), I will sit with a bursting heart and watch my beloved graduate and become official!

It is coming soon but there's a lot for him to accomplish in the meantime. He would definitely love your prayers and for our future, too!

For now though, we take it day by day, trusting. And being silly, upon occasion. Enjoy the video!

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aunt t said...

so cute, ahh little children! they make you happy... they sure do...