Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FL Part 2!

It's hard to believe that only a few days ago we were in Florida! Today we were back to school and back to the grind, which meant grocery shopping for E and I. Feels good to fill up that fridge!

One evening we went down to one of the town squares to walk around, listen to some music and watch some really cool dancing (!!) and of course, to ruin our dinner appetites with ice cream! Here's the gang enjoying their treats!

There was a little fountain nearby that made for a perfect playing spot:)

But mommy had to ruin the fun and beg for a family picture! I do love my pictures:)

Eliana  never did look at the camera...

The next evening, we all geared up for another round of Bocce! The poor girls lost again~boo! We grabbed a bag of balls for the boys to have their own competition in the next lane. They had so much fun!

The diaper changing pros....:)

Love this Grandpa of mine! He's about to celebrate a birthday tomorrow! He's a regular jokester when playing games, which makes it really fun:)

After Bocce, we all went to the town square and ate out at Johnny Rockets; a very fun place to eat! I was on the other end of the table and got a good view of this cutie!

She enjoyed getting attention from her mommy, daddy, Mugga and Papa:)

Some of my favorite people!

Our gracious and very hospitable hosts:) We had a good time together!

And Eliana got her nails painted for the very first time! She was not sure at all while she watched me paint my toenails blue and went back and forth in true two-year-old fashion. But eventually she decided she wanted to look "pwetty" like her mommy, auntie, Mugga and Grandma-great and she let Mugga fix her all up.

We went to a state park that afternoon (pics tomorrow) and she took off her socks in the car to admire her toes and kept saying, "It's so beautiful!"

Getting some energy out! She has the cutest run with her little arm pumping back and forth:)

I have some beautiful pictures of the state park to share tomorrow!!

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Aunt t said...

Love seeing the pictures of the family! Y'all look so wonderful!