Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Traveling Fam

We made it safely to Ohio last night. Zakkai was an absolute angel the whole trip! He entertained Eliana, watched car and truck wheels, played, took a nap, ate a snack and only asked if we were close about 95 times!

Eliana did pretty well, too. There was a fair amount of screeching when she dropped toys or threw her special elephants and was fighting a nap but other than that...:)

It was a hard day for us as a family to be separated from each other. Samuel was in tears several times yesterday and ended up sleeping with Daddy last night. He hasn't decided where he is sleeping tonight;) We are taking this one day at a time but hoping the time goes quickly so we can be back together again.

I went to the dr before our trip yesterday and learned that I am completely off my foot for another 10 days. Yuck. I get that everything needs to knit together inside but...just yuck. It's really hard not to be able to pick up my baby and comfort her unless someone brings her to me or to care for myself, clean things, cook, etc. But today I decided that I need to find the blessings in this situation so I don't get frustrated or discouraged!

So far:

*Eliana got over her fear of my mom and has finally bonded with her, which makes my heart happy.

*Ben is getting special time with just Samuel while they are "baching" over in Chicago.

*We are being shown lots of love by family!

*I have time to read lots of books:) And think. And pray.

And, so you can be as amused as we are, here are 2 videos of E. In the first one, she is making a methodical mess of my "library." And in the 2nd, she is having quite a conversation as she has been doing lately. Cracks us up!

(See Above For Second Video)

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