Monday, February 6, 2012


 As promised, here are some more pictures from our beautiful outing to a park that is close to our home yesterday. Gotta take hold of these days!

Missy and her book:)

 Daddy takes every chance he can to steal her away when he is home:)

 There is some very serious reading going on here!

 I "stalked" the boys with the camera yesterday and it soon became a game for them to hide from me or run away screaming. But I was patient and waited until their heads would peek around the corner or they weren't paying enough attention;)

 Gotcha ya!

 I like to call this one "Teeter-Totter." Isn't that profound??

 And once again, I had to sneak in for a shot so that the children will have picture proof that I was there during their growing up years instead of the "faceless" behind the camera person!

 Samuel Smokestack!

What a funny looking flower growing in the park!

*Would love your prayers for this week as there were a few wrinkles today about my surgery. Please pray for wisdom and for everything to work smoothly and for protection!

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