Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So, a lot of people have been asking about my recovery from this ordeal. If I haven't answered you, promise I wasn't ignoring you ~ I just didn't know.

I didn't get good answers before the surgery. You all know how last week went and I was pretty preoccupied with my crazy (but very nice!) dr and all the clearance appointments she made me go to and trying to prepare for this week.

Apparently recovering from foot surgery stinks. I had this insane idea that I'd be laid out for a few days, given that I was at least warned that the first few days would be miserable, and then hobbling around on a crutch or two with my boot, back to busyness by the end of this week.

What, am I freaking crazy????? No one warned me that surgery is like trauma to your body and that you'll feel like you got hit with a mack truck anytime you do anything drastic like, oh, take a shower or go to the drs! And that doesn't even count the healing of the surgical site itself.

I am taking some serious nappage over here. Yesterday at the drs, I was so wiped out, I was shaking and apparently pure white since the dr made her nurse run and grab me some water to sip on and forced me to lay down until color came back to my cheeks. Apparently she's had people pass out on her before:)

Okay, so for real, I'm laid out for awhile. No weight bearing til Tues when she'll give me the go ahead to just start to begin to slightly bear weight with my crutches. Um, taking care of 3 kids (one of whom doesn't walk), cooking, cleaning, driving, laundry, etc just does not happen too well when you have one leg and 2 crutches.

Samuel keeps saying, "I wish you didn't drop a rotary cutter on your foot, mommy." Me, too, Buddy. Me.too. If I could rewind time, I would.

In all honesty, we're kinda reeling over here, trying to figure out how to fly crippled for a little while. Ben and my mom seriously deserve medals for everything they are doing.

I'm asking for your prayers. Once again. This isn't the end of the world; people go through MUCH more than this. It's a minor glitch in our busy life! But a glitch, it is. Samuel is extra emotional about things, Zakkai is latched onto my mom like white on rice, Eliana is still recovering, just in time to get some molars, Ben and my mom are exhausted and I'm laying with my foot in the air feeling incredibly, overwhelmingly guilty and helpless. It's a lot right now.  I am wishing for the millionth time that we lived closer to family because I know that's what family is for: Loving and supporting each other through rough times and happy times.

I promise to try not to complain too much. But I'm also learning that it's okay to reach out when you need a little help or some extra prayers. And I hope that you'll reach out to me when you have those times, too, so I can shower you with my love and prayers. Actually, now would be a great time since I can't do much else;)


Emily S. said...

So sorry to hear recovery is a pain in the you know what!! Maybe at least your kids will take you very seriously when you tell them they have to be careful with scissors or any other cutting device!

Charity said...

I'm so sorry Heidi. I would give anything to be able to jump on a plane and help you out right now. I'll be praying for you!