Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Chronicles of the Gimp

I'm not exactly a picture-taking guru these days. As a matter of fact, most of the time my camera's not within reach and it's not too easy for me to get up and find it! Eliana took my camera downstairs yesterday so now I just need someone to bring it back to me.....:)

Today was a very happy day for my Z-man! He got to spend a wonderful morning with my Aunt. They did puzzles, went on a walk, dug in the gravel driveway, ate mac and cheese (he informed her that he does not usually eat the boxed kind, as it isn't good for you! Haha), and just had a great time!

Then "babysitter #2" came along for the next shift and that happened to be the one and only Grandma! She immediately drew Zakkai into the fun task of baking cupcakes. He was waiting anxiously to do this alllll morning:) He didn't get to have any cake or cupcakes on his bday so I am so happy that he had fun making some today! He got to sample one before dinner and tried to trick his Mugga into another one for after dinner. Thankfully, Grandma was still there and caught onto his sneaky scheme:)

Eliana surprised us all with a good 3 1/2 hour nap today. She would've even kept going but we had to wake her up for the shift change. She was probably extra tired from that 2 1/2 hour talking/laughing spell in the late hours of the evening last night....

I got pretty emotional after talking to my Samuel tonight. I miss him so much! He has the cutest little voice on the phone and hearing him say "I miss you, mommy" would be enough to break even the toughest of hearts! I know he and Daddy are having a great time bonding in the bachelor pad but we all can't wait to fit the pieces of our family puzzle back together again.

I am same old, same old. I figure I may have to do some heavy duty exercise after this whole shebang is over with~except for my arms! Crutches are a great way to get definition in your arms! Not that I would recommend you needing them......But I'll have an extra pair here sometime that you can borrow for fun:)

Until next time....

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