Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who Said:

 (July 2011)

HE said, "Mommy, I just saw a RAT downstairs!" Some of the very first words I heard this morning from Zakkai, whose chest was heaving with the exertion of running all the way back upstairs to impart this wonderful news. I said, "A rat?!"

He nodded, his eyes big, and said "It ran into a crack by the dishwasher!"

The mice are back.
I discovered this afternoon, after careful questioning, that the mice problem most likely originates from our nearest neighbor's place. I gently and repeatedly encouraged her to call the pest control people, hinting that if we hit it from both sides, maybe the mice would all disappear!

I hope she takes my hints.
SHE let loose with some hellion-like screaming when she discovered her new favorite playing place of the stairs was blocked off this morning.

She, being our baby-toddler.

We've decided to allow her some supervised stairs playing here and there but for my sanity, to keep it blocked off especially during times where I can't be right there. Ever tried to make dinner while running (hobbling) back and forth to take the baby off the stairs so she doesn't fall and hurt herself?? Thank goodness for the ingenious thinking caps that the hubs and I have developed after 6 1/2 years of parenthood.

One babygate and 2 small ottomans (one with weights inside) in front are working for now. Nevermind that the newest game is to throw toys over the other side and say "Uh-oh!"

Sixty times a day:)
HE was grumpy on the way to school yesterday morning and was directed by his mama to de-grumpfy his first-grade self by saying 6 things he was thankful or that are good/happy/fun.

6 things if your 6 doesn't seem to bad, right?

You should've heard the moaning! But after the 6 things reluctantly made their way out of Samuel's mouth? The grumpies and complaining were GONE.

1. He loves me.
2. He loves Daddy.
3. He loves Eliana. (and Zakkai, too, I am sure:)
4. He is thankful for school.
5. He is thankful for the best first grade teacher ever.
6. He is glad he has lots of friends.
 I came up with a quick motivator just before bedtime tonight and set the timer for 5 minutes and the boys and I had a race to see how much we could clean up in that time.

I'd say that's a winning tactic for anyone! Within 5 minutes, I had a clean living room and dining room, 2 boys happy from their racing and accomplishments and there was less work for me to do after they went to bed!

I told them next time, we're setting the 5 minute timer for their bedroom. Goodness, I might start timing myself to see what I can clean in 5 minute incriments throughout the day!

Buono notte!

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