Friday, February 10, 2012


What a rough day but we made it.

We made the tough decision this morning to have B take E to the dr since she was up ALL night crying with a high fever. After multiple attempts to get ahold of her dr, they ended up in the ER, where she was diagnosed with an ear infection:( Poor baby had a really rough day.

She and I took a long nap together this afternoon and made quite a pitiful sight!

I made it through surgery fine. My nerves attacked me this morning strongly after seeing how miserable E was. It literally broke my heart to say goodbye to her.

My foot has hopefully been repaired and will be on its way to recovery. I am bedridden for several days with my foot up in the air, living for the next time I can take my pain meds! BUT...the part I was dreading is over finally so we can move on!

Thanks again for all of your prayers. We have really felt them...


aunt t said...

So happy you are all through with this trial, it must have been terrible to leave E but she will have a close relationship with her daddy!

Melissa Baird said...

So good to get this update, Heidi! That's why I came to your blog, I wanted to know how it all went :) Love and prayers to you all.