Monday, February 27, 2012

Eliana's New Skill

We had our very first outing today!! Well, I suppose I should say my first outing:) We were all feeling a bit cagey and, as you know, Sunday was rough so it was exciting for all of us to get some fresh air. And for me, to feel "human" again:)

It was worth the extra pain of the rest of the day, seriously. We went to the mall and got our newest walker some new shoes! She screamed like she was getting shots when her feet got measured but it was all good in the end.

She got to ride in my wheelchair with me. Oh yeah.

We also made a brief trip to Target, where we met my sister. I got to be even more cool with a smooth ride through the store on a motorized cart. With my foot propped up on the basket. All I needed was streamers and a bell and the picture would've been complete! I had to take over driving from Zakkai, who was sitting on my lap, when we almost ran over my 7 month pregnant sister and crashed into a few displays.

That was slightly mortifying:)

Samuel is doing so much better tonight, thankfully! He finally stopped throwing up this morning and perked up this afternoon. I could tell from talking to him that he is weak but glad to be feeling better.

And now I leave you with a peak at Eliana's new skill! She LOVES it.

The dog hates it.

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Charity said...

We got such a laugh over here. While watching the video, our Roxi kept cocking her head so far to the right and the left trying to figure out where the high pitched sound was coming from.