Saturday, February 18, 2012

My interesting life.

I know I haven't been blogging every day this past week. It's not like I have too much to say. Let's see, my bedroom is cold. My walls are white. There's this cobweb high up on one wall that I look forward to tackling in a few weeks when I'm back in the game. My clock ticks loudly. Everything feels chaotic. Apparently rubbing alcohol is the way to get iodine off of your skin. Anything else you'd like to know? ;)

Here are a few more interesting tidbits:

*Eliana is all better~yea! She definitely acts a little weirder sometimes (strange emotions) because everything is different. For ex. When I ventured downstairs to lay on my second bed (a.k.a. the couch), she went crazy for 10-15 minutes laughing and showing off for me. She was spinning in circles on the ground, playing peek-a-boo and just being generally silly. After show and tell was over, she crawled over to me and wanted to hang near me. Which then led to her wanting me to pick her up so she could sit with me. She was happy for a bit and then randomly started to cry and worked herself up into this strange tantrum over absolutely nothing. I think she's really confused why her mama doesn't act normal anymore!

*Zakkai is SO excited over his upcoming birthday. I am so sad that I can't celebrate his birthday like I want to; in a way to make him feel special. I told him that when I get better, we'll throw him a fun party with his friends. We're going to try to have a small celebration tomorrow night because we'll probably be traveling on his bday. That's right, see next point...

*Zakkai, Eliana and I are headed to Ohio on Monday. We've all racked our brains for ways to get through the next couple of weeks but with no help nearby and with me so very limited in my abilities, we have no choice. So we're being packed up and heading off after my next check-up. We'll probably be recuperating (well, I will) there for about a week and a half before being shuttled back here, just in time for B's spring break. Have I mentioned how fun it is to be a burden to everyone??

*On a cuter note, Eliana has a new obsession with the tv remotes (and there are several of them!). I heard my mom and the boys downstairs at lunchtime looking all over the house for a missing DVD remote. They were searching in the couch cushions, under the couch, under the tv stand, etc., all to no avail. We knew it had to be in the house somewhere!

Later in the afternoon, Eliana came into the living room pushing our tea kettle in front of her (I have no idea why it was on the ground~I've lost all control of everything!) She thought she was being so cute (and she was:). She twisted off the lid and reached inside and to my surprise, pulled out the missing remote! We got a good laugh over that one;)

*The boys got special Valentine's packages from their always thoughtful Grandma and the cards contained a few dollars each. They were overheard at the table several days ago plotting to use their $3 (each) to give to Mugga so she could stay with us longer. Love those sweet hearts!!

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Charity said...

Oh goodness. That is so cute that the boys were going to use there money to keep Mugga there longer. Melt my heart!