Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So today's updates are:

*Surgery is BACK ON for Friday and I feel like a wreck! I've been pulled back and forth a bazillion times this week and it's exhausting. I'm scared to death and my hands are shaking but I am ready to get this over with an move on. I am SOOOOO thankful for all of your kind words and prayers!!

*Eliana had a very sad night with fevers up to almost 103. She kept crying out and when I'd go check on her, she was shaking all over~so sad!! The fever is down to 100 today but she's still feeling cruddy. Please pray she gets better by Friday!!

Hopefully no new updates today except good ones:)

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Emily S. said...

Been thinking of you!! I bet Frank could talk to you about your surgery, if you'd like his medical professional input. And if you don't feel comfortable with your doctor, I say find another. Maybe an orthopedic surgeon. You want to trust the person that's performing surgery on you!
Many many prayers headed your way this week. Hope E feels better pronto!