Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Time....

In February?! The weather has been SO mild, a far cry from the "worst winter in at least 60 years" that was predicted a few months ago.

Today it was over 60 degrees, albeit with lots of wind. Zakkai was out playing at least 3 times today:)

Here he is a couple of days ago having fun in the driveway! He hasn't minded being outside by himself and spends long periods of time digging up the gravel driveway. It's fun to peek out the window and watch him:)

 And finally it was warm enough for Little Miss to go outside, too! She definitely gave her Grandma a run for her money today because she is a BUSY bee.

 Zakkai did some plowing on the tractor, preparing his fields to plant tomatoes, corn, pickles and green peppers:)

 He seems to have been the least affected of all of us through these past 2 1/2 weeks, soaking in every bit of extra love and attention he has gotten from Mugga, Grandma, Papa, and a couple of my aunts. I'm totally going to be old hat when we get back home!

 My two littlest chickies:)

 Miss Thang is officially, officially a WALKER now! But she did take a break outside and did a little fancy fast crawling for old times sake:)

 Even I got to enjoy the fresh air and the still, quiet view from the front porch:)

Can't believe how big she's getting! Her daddy's going to be surprised when he sees her walking everywhere!

Samuel has made a full recovery from his flu, as of this morning. He sounded SO much better on the phone tonight. He said he can't wait to give me a big hug on Saturday when our family is finally reunited!

I wish I could say that I am headed home fully mended and walking~oh, how I wish! That may not be the case but I have made some progress and hope to begin taking small steps (with both crutches) next week. I am just so anxious to see Ben and Samuel and feel whole again. I have missed them so much!

We've really been working to find all the silver linings in this situation~ a good practice, for sure. While it has been very rough on us in many ways, a lot of good things have come from it, too. Especially extra time with our family, whom we miss all the time.

Hope your day was full of silver linings!

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