Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 He has many nicknames. Zacratch. Zacchaeus, ZaCalliou (Kye-you ~after the cartoon), Z-Man, Mr Z, Monkey, and more.

He's unbridled and undisciplined (not through lack of effort on our part!), impulsive, observant, talkative, tender-hearted, loud (LOUD), passionate, emotional.....shall I go on??

He's really thirsting with the desire to read. He spells out every word he can see and guesses what it might say. We are working hard on sounding out words and not just guessing!

He talked Daddy into finding a computer game that he plays at school here at home and got to spend some special time with daddy reading and having fun!

We are working on some better ways to parent this sweet boy and to help him thrive in school and with friends and my deepest wish for this year is for him to grow in self-confidence, to know how very special and loved he is and to make some good friends.

I hope this is a special kindergarten year for our Zakkai!

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aunt t said...

Sounds like Naomi! They are so kind and full of joy but the mood can change quickly! They are very intelligent!