Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Headlines.

*Local Kindergartner Runs into Tree While Holding Umbrella. No injuries. Mother laughs hysterically.

Tonight in the suburbs of Chicago, a young boy, regularly known for his fascination with all things mechanical, became obsessed with opening and closing the family umbrella while on a walk home and ran into a tree. His mother, in between fits of laughter, describes the scene in detail.

"It was absolutely hysterical. Don't get me wrong, I made sure he wasn't hurt before I bent in half laughing. He was so focused on the umbrella that he failed to notice the huge tree coming up next to him and he ricocheted off of it. He was smiling before he even fully realized what happened!"

The newly minted kindergartner regularly makes his family laugh with his zest for life and "zany" personality.

Household Toddler Finds New Obsession With Umbrellas.

Last year at this time, young Eliana Thomas was terrified of umbrellas, crying hysterically if she happened to be near or under an open one. This year, however, the story has changed.

With the threat of rain eminent throughout the day and several walks to and from school ahead of them, the family umbrella traveled to school all day. Eliana dissolved into tears this afternoon upon being told she could not hold the twice-her-size umbrella on the way to pick up her brothers. Her mother compromised with a dainty pink prop umbrella she happened to have lying around from a recent baby shower.

Heidi shares her thoughts, "I knew we would look awfully silly walking along in the stroller with a lacy pink umbrella being twirled around in my daughter's hands but I was willing to take the chance to keep her happy and avoid a tantrum. Sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do!"

Heidi's tactics worked and stares aside, Eliana was quite content on their afternoon stroll. The only problem? She bent the prob umbrella and has now decided she needs to carry one around with her at all times. Her mother is considering adding a small umbrella to the toddler's upcoming birthday wish list.

7 Year Old Samuel Thomas Enjoys Back to School Picnic.

This year's annual school welcome picnic fell on Chicago's coldest fall day so far. Rain was forcasted during the local picnic but 7 year old Samuel Thomas didn't care.

"He was so excited to be able to go and have extra time to play with friends. I admit it wasn't my first choice to go but I promised him that if it wasn't raining we would try to go."

Samuel's wish came true and the rain held off until close to the end of the school get together. He scarfed down his dinner as fast as he could without choking, despite many motherly warnings, in hopes that they could leave sooner. He and his brother ran almost the entire way to school and disappeared quickly into the throng, ready to play with friends old and new.

Underneath sweatshirts and jackets, kids from grades 1st -6th were all sporting their school spirit shirts. Each grade has it's own color, which follows them all the way through their elementary years.

Samuel was proud to wear his green spirit shirt tonight.


Emily and Frank said...

This post is too darn creative- you're making the rest of us look bad! :)

mommyoflove3 said...

haha~a very brief moment of inspiration. I promise it won't happen again:)