Thursday, September 27, 2012


Miss Foose has been walking around saying letters and counting lately. "Two, Fwee, Sick, Nine." So, I started saying the alphabet with her this week and captured this on video this afternoon:) Have to say myself, she's pretty cute!!

She wore this bookbag ALL day today except for her nap and she loves to draw on any paper nearby. Which means we have to keep a close eye on homework, library books, etc.

Sorry if the video sound is delayed. Not sure why that happens!



grandma said...

grandpa and I think she is very smart. Isn't she young to say her abc's. Oh my we have cute greats. Thats for sure. Love to all... have fun camping. If we were not in Maine (beatuful by the way} we would have tried to come. too.

Emily and Frank said...

That bookbag is a big as she is. Isn't it funny how they get into these periods of MUST having/doing certain things?
She's a cutie!

Charity said...

Love to hear that cute voice

muggalove said...

That is way cute!

Grandma W said...

Just now getting to see this video. How sweet is her little voice?? She pronounces the letters so clearly. Like Charity, I LOVE to hear her voice.