Sunday, September 9, 2012

Half Birthday!

 Poor Zakkai got the birthday shaft this year due to my unfortunate foot business. I had my surgery 4 days before Ben's birthday (so that would mean he got the shaft, too....) and 10 before Zakkai's. On his actual birthday, we were traveling back to Ohio with my mom to be taken care of for a couple of weeks.

I have felt so bad all this time that he never got a party or a cake or anything special! So we promised him we would celebrate his half birthday this year. Unfortunately, the half birthday came the day before school started and we've been SO busy since then.

BUT. We finally got the chance to make our Z-man feel special today! After all, FIVE is a big birthday and deserves a celebration.

Or 5 1/2:)

We took him to the Rainforest Cafe today after church for a special lunch. We'd heard about it from friends and it seemed like a fun way to celebrate Zakkai. You are basically eating in a jungle! You are surrounded by big fake trees with animals in them, huge fish tanks with amazingly colorful fish and every 10 minutes or so the jungle comes "alive" and the animals move and make their noises.

It totally freaked Eliana out and even Samuel the first time. We never in a million years could have gone there with S when he was younger. I would definitely not recommend it for a sensitive child. Or someone with a headache:)

Hard to see in this picture but there is a giant Gorilla surrounded by trees. He was right across from our table.

I didn't have the camera with me and had to make do with crappy cell phone pics so I had to retake Z's picture like 5 times because he was making the cheesiest faces ever.

This was the best out of the bunch:)

We let him pick out a small lego set and he even got a drumstick after dinner! It was worth every hard-earned penny to make this little boy feel special for a day.

I can only hope he won't be in counseling someday over his neglected birthday:)


Grandma W said...

Have been away from the computer for a few days and just now able to catch up on your blog for the last several days. Lots going on - as usual. I have to say that Z's new toothbrush holder made me laugh out loud - literally. How creative is that? He is something else. Also enjoyed watching E learn to jump. So cute. I hope B's attacks have not come back. Hurry up October. Hope you are feeling better. Miss you all so much.

Aunt t said...

I ordered beet tablets from If you eat certain foods like meat( hamburger bothers me) or ice cream, I take two beet tablets. It helps to digest the food through. If he start an attack he should drink gobs of water immediately.
I ordersed the starter kit! I learned I should eat smaller portion slowly and maybe more times a day.

mommyoflove3 said...

I was going to ask you what you did for your gallbladder, Aunt T. I will look that website up. Do you think the beet tablets really help?

Aunt t said...

I ordered the kit it was expensive $155 but it works, I take the beet cap with meal ! Then I take Hcl capsules which is beet derived also, after a meal. If I am feeling bloated after a meal I take GallbladderND 1/2tsp in a small glass of water/ juice. This seems to help a bunch. After a meal I will drink ginger tea! To keep gallbladder healthy need to take taurine capsules, vitamin c, and flax seed oil.
Some many people are experiencing digestive problems, it must be in the water, I do not know what it is but it's better for Ben if he can save his gallbladder. Can you filter your water? I guess that's better for you also!