Thursday, September 20, 2012


He is called Sam-I-Am, Schmulick and Old Man. He has changed so much in this past year, transitioning from little kid toys and interests to pretty much only wanting to play with friends. Even though he thinks he's "big stuff" these days, he still has his giraffees somewhere in his bed (shhhh, don't tell him I told you!), will hold my hand on the way to or from school and has the same nightly goodnight routine he's had for years: 2 kisses on each cheek, one on the nose and a big hug. He has the softest cheeks:)

He gets frustrated having to sit at the table and do homework when the beautiful fall weather and promise of playing with friends calls his name. He confessed that he is not wearing his glasses at school, nor have we been doing a good job at home. This will change! (anyone know how to make glasses un-crooked?) He joined running club again at school and has been waiting anxiously for today's first meeting. He ran just over a mile and earned another foot charm to add to his 11 from last spring!

He says he wants to be either a soccer player or a pet shop owner when he grows up. To clarify, a pet shop owner that sells everything but dogs. I'm not sure he'll ever like dogs! His sweet heart has stayed sensitive and loving all these years. He loves to tease and be teased. He can't stand to have anyone raise their voice at him. He is quick to back down and correct mistakes he makes. He's starting to get self-conscious about things that he wears (like his glasses) and reminds me SOOOO much of his mama:)

That would be me.

The other day he came up to me randomly and said, "Mommy, does Daddy wear size Big or size Medium?" :)

He's 7, he's changing, he's growing, he's maturing but he's still my first baby and always will be.

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Charity said...

The glasses make him look so much older! What a handsome boy.