Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This Girl.

 This little girl melts my heart. She turns my frowns into smiles, fills my lonely arms, brings joy to my heart when it's hard to find. She is a gift; a treasure and an answer to prayer. Ben and I often marvel at God's answer to our prayers, at how perfectly she fit into our family. He knew we needed her and she was our sign of His heart towards us during a difficult time. I'll never understand why God answers some prayers the way He does and not others. I just know I can look at her and feel His love.

Apples are about all that is making her really happy this week! She's been a GROUCH the past couple of days. She is still all of the things I said above but she's cranky, too:) She has some teeth coming in and I think she had a little virus yesterday which her Daddy shared with her.

I think the apples make her happy because maybe chewing on them helps her gums feel better. Either way, it works so I'm happy!

This afternoon, the boys were out playing so Eliana wanted to come out, too. It was really chilly today so we bundled up and sat on the porch for awhile playing with cars. We had time to kill since dinner was already done in the crockpot!

See how long her hair is getting?! When the sun shines on it, it is such a beautiful golden color and she gets these pretty curls at the bottom. I trimmed it yesterday and it was so silky and bouncy afterwards. She was a grouch so she wasn't happy with me:)

Showing me that her brothers are playing.

"Pway, Mommy? Car?" She always loves to have company when playing!

She discovered her pockets a few minutes later and that was a big hit with her:) We went on a little walk up and down the sidewalks and she kept her hands in her pockets the whole time!

I can't believe that in just over a month she turns 2. I really cannot wrap my head around the fact that the days are filtering through my hands like sand. I know we will lose so much "baby" in her this next year. Although if I look back at pictures of the boys at 2 and then look at them now, they definitely look so "baby" in those pictures!

She calls herself "Fissy" (esp if talking about something that belongs to her) and "Yana" (when she sees herself in a mirror or reflection.) She is getting very good at putting together sentences, enough to get her point across! "Mama, sit chair." or "Daddy, coyor (color) paper." She is enthralled with 'quiwels (squirrels) and apple-picking and "airpranes." She adores getting "yibary" books and can spend long periods of time at the library pulling books off the shelves and sitting at the little table reading. She is starting to memorize stories that we've read to her over and over like "Goodnight Moon" and for the first time the other day, I caught her singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!" Although it sounds more like "Tinkew, Tinkew, 'Tar." :) She willingly (most of the time) gives sweet hugs and juicy little kisses on our cheeks. (although she doesn't actually touch Ben's cheek with her lips because of his whiskers, we think! haha)

She is changing so quickly, communicating so well and enjoying life to the fullest, as only a little person can do! Sometimes I worry about the teenage years and if our kids will even like us or what our relationships will be like (you have to admit that teenagers are really scary) and I can only hope that these beginning years of so much love will carry through those years of turmoil and that underneath the alien teenage hormones, our kiddos will know that we always have and always will love them.

As one of my very favorite books, which this blog is named after, says,
"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
My baby you'll be."

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Grandma W said...

One of my favorite books, too. I still get mine out about once a year and read it - and tear up. E is growing so fast. She is such a precious little girl...takes after her mommy :)
Praying for all of you.