Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cool Little Miss.

 Busy day around here! I was very productive this morning, which is always a good feeling! I've had so many headaches lately that it's been tough to want to keep up with housework but I've started a new chart system that I'll share below that's helping me!

Eliana is being spoiled rotten by all the one-on-one attention! She especially loves the days that Daddy works from home and barely lets him out of her sight. She does all sorts of silly things to make us laugh and constantly asks us to "watch." Hope we're not turning her into a narcissist...

One funny thing she has been into lately is carrying around bags and filling them with treasures! She walks all around the house with lunchboxes, bags or her little purse. This is a glimpse of her most recent treasure bag:)

Shoes, her brother's hat, her cup, Mr Potato head pieces, applesauce.....I even think my missing sunglasses might be in there:)

I tossed out our old chore chart from last year and made up a new one, based off of what was/wasn't working. There are certain days that I really don't like doing certain chores so I switched some around. Mopping, for instance! Who wants to start out their Monday mopping floors?!

Not me. I also added more things for the boys like unloading the dishwasher and helping clear/wipe off the table after dinner. It's good for them to have more responsibility! Of course, you may notice that Daddy gets away with very few chores. He does work hard at his job and working on his dissertation so he gets a little slack.

For now:)

So to help me keep up with things, each morning I write out the day's chores on my dry erase board so it's easy to remember and check off! It's really helping me keep up with things I'd rather neglect. And helping me remember to keep the boys busy and contributing.

There is so much to be done around here constantly and it's hard for one person to keep up with! I find myself thinking it seems to be so easy for other people to keep their houses so perfectly spic and span and what is wrong with me?? But, I don't have a play room so my living room is filled with kid's stuff and I have a LOT of helping undoing the the cleaning:)

But I won't mention any names.

All I know is, I try hard and I shouldn't compare myself to other people! I'm sure your houses are messy, too, sometimes, right?

Is that wrong of me to hope so?


aunt t said...

You are doing great job teaching your children to help you,
I tried to do that but I was not consistent. My house was a mess with the little ones, but now they help if I ask!
The house will stay organized when they all go to school! I didn't want to be a crabby Mom, I wanted to be a happy Mom!

mommyoflove3 said...

I don't want to be a crabby mom either, Aunt T! It's harder for me on the days where B is gone all day. I am trying to get better about asking the boys to help. Their wives will appreciate it someday:)

Aunt t said...

You, are doing good, even if they help lessen your work load even a little. Some are better at working, you'll find Eliana will really be good at it! My girls have always be so helpful!
It has to be extremely awful without Ben!
I will keep praying for your family!!