Monday, September 17, 2012

A Glance at the Past.

 This weekend, we were lovingly entrusted with a very special new household addition. This object of great love was from our friend's very imaginative childhood and he bestowed this great gift on our children!


The TeePee! Oh yes, that's right, we are the proud new owners of our very own Native American TeePee. Complete with drawings of arrows and Native Americans on the sides. Doesn't it look like it's always belonged here?

All 3 kiddos are totally enthralled with it. It zips up in the front and Eliana keeps crawling inside and zipping it shut. The boys prefer to crawl in the opening and crawl out the sides:) Zakkai has already autographed his name on it at least twice, carrying on the tradition from our great friend, Mr J.

I'm not sure where this will end up residing; probably in the basement, where it will provide hours of entertainment and secret hiding places!

As a matter of fact, Ben hid in it tonight and the boys were looking for him everywhere. Wish you could've heard the screams coming from them when he snaked a hand out and grabbed them!

Entertainment for children and adults alike:)

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grandma said...

So wonderful the old table cloth or sheet over a dining room table. Although that is fun too.