Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New skills and attack of the man-eating gallbladder.

 I am really confused about what day it is this week because of the holiday on Monday! It seems so strange to me that's it's already almost Thursday. It could also be from the lack of sleep I had last night.

My poor husband suffered from another, and the worst yet, gallbladder attack in the middle of the night:( I cannot even tell you how scary it was to watch him go through it and to feel so helpless, when all I wanted to do was take away his pain. When the very worst of it had peaked and he was laying on the living room floor, trying to breathe, I just sat and rubbed his back for at least 30 minutes straight. It was the only thing I could think to do to comfort him. Watching your loved one go through pain like that is absolutely heart-wrenching!

I had a glimpse of what it was like for him to watch me go through labor! Thankfully, after a day of rest today, he is feeling better, although not 100%. And I caught a minor stomach bug and felt ick but am mostly feeling better now. Some homemade chicken and noodle soup brought some healing to us tonight:)

Eliana just loves her family so much! She talks to me each day about which family member is where. "Sayuel? Kai? 'cool." (school). "Dada? Home." or "Dada? Work." She really loves when we're all back together and she can interact with all of us, showing us her new tricks or just being silly.

She and I spent a good chunk of time at the library this morning. She looked at books, watched the fish, pulled books off shelves and watched some of the other toddlers there play. We also signed up for Story Time, starting next week, so we can have a fun little thing to do together:)

My wild Kindergartner that makes my hair turn gray, is learning to read!! He came home from school with a little book they had made and read it to us. Then he picked up a board book in the car when we were running an errand and started reading it and sounding out words! So last night Ben sat down with him and helped him read on of E's books.

He now wants to make flash cards and copy down the stories. He spent a really long time yesterday and today before dinner, copying down the pages in another book and loves to show me what he has written. So fun to see him learning so quickly!

He's really proud of himself:) This is the confidence I have really been hoping and praying he would gain this year!

I also thought I would share a bit of Zakkai's brain with you. Instead of brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed , Zakkai has to make a few detours. Which may possibly be incredibly aggravating!

However, when I walked into the bathroom after getting them settled in tonight, this made me burst into laughter!

This kid is totally going to be an engineer or mechanic of some sort someday. And I can say it all started here.....

Eliana's been working on a new skill and finally is getting her feet off the ground a bit! Enjoy.


Emily and Frank said...

I'm glad Ben is feeling better- how terrible!!

muggalove said...

I burst out laughing when I saw Zakkai's creativity with the toothbrushes! So glad Ben is feeling better, too. Love you all.