Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Scraps.

 It has been a busy few days around here and that leaves me feeling totally uninspired at night time when it comes to blogging. Sometimes anyways. Do allow me to say that your comments always energize me to keep up! So thanks, peeps:) (well, those of you who comment, anyway. Ahem.)

This is what 8 loads of laundry looks like (minus the 2 stacks that were drying on the drying rack and on various chairs and surfaces:) I got a little behind on laundry due to a severe quarter draught but once we get down to no undies or socks or towels, it's time to buck up and do it! This would be $20 worth of laundry and 4-5 hours of labor.

I'm considered joining our family in a nudist colony or inventing an automatic washing machine/sorter/dryer/folder. Although really, I actually like the folding part. Thankfully, everyone pitched in and helped put it all away!

I have this pair of socks that I like. And don't like. They are a silky, soft cotton and I probably should've thrown them away months ago but good socks are hard to come by so I couldn't bring myself to do it.. See that "scar" that my sock has? That, until this afternoon, was a gaping hole.

How did it get that gaping hole, you ask? These socks are the infamous socks I was wearing on that fateful night last December when I dropped a rotary cutter on my foot.

Anyone else out there shudder at the same time I did?

These socks creep me out. The hole. The memories. Ugh. So today I finally took a step towards emotional healing (and sock saving) and sewed the hold shut. All that remains is a scar. Just like on my foot.

And last but not least, see these children? They're pretty cute and I love them:)

The end.


AuntT said...

I love those little people! Wow your house looked like my house this Sunday, we are packing!

mommyoflove3 said...

when do you have to be out? packing is no joke! I'm glad your house sold quickly. When will you new one be done? So excited for Charity and Scott, too!

Aunt t said...

We need to be out by October 20 but we do not know where we are going for 4 months until house is finished. We might have to sleep at Yoders small town house for a few weeks until a short term apartment is available.
This means moving 3 times, ugh!, but you are so right we are grateful that it sold so fast, because having to clean and keep it that way is terrible!

grandma said...

Cute pictures of our darling gr. grads. If I do say so my self. We are in Maine right now. No TV but my computor works. Of which I am really grateful. I can keep up with all my kidos.