Monday, August 6, 2012

CO, here we come!!!

 I wish that I could say I was headed to join the rest of my family in slumber but....I'm still packing! There's still much to be done, including cleaning up my mess in the kitchen, where I've spent most of the day!

This little stinker slept from 5pm last night to 8 this morning! She was a crab, too, but was better after her nap this afternoon. Hope she's well-rested for our long day tomorrow!

Well-rested enough to fall right to sleep while camping.....:)

The boys were in rare form today and drove me batty! Everyone's a little kooky since we all have been anticipating and gearing up for this big trip.

I just finished packing up the special bins for each of the kiddos! The boys have these (S~blue, Z~green) and Missy has a pink one. Her bin has long lost toys that have been hidden away, borrowed toys, things to color with and keep her, hopefully, entertained for 12 hours.....

The boys have lots of never-read-before books in theirs plus their crayon rolls (I made these for their stockings at Christmas!) with brand new crayons in them.

They each have a red binder with lots of goodies inside!

Stickers and a pencil pouch with highlighters, a pen, sharpened pencil and new colored pencils.

And in plastic sleeves, they have maps of our trip so they can highlight how far we've driven...

Road Trip Bingo

A scavenger hunt game from the same site.

And worksheets from workbooks. Handwriting and matching for Z and math, telling time and writing for S!

Gotta sneak in a little edjamacation!

They also have some blank white paper and a brand-new notebook at the back. Thank goodness for school supply sales for a lot of this!!!

They also have a few new things like this cool license plate game book, this sticker face book and a travel game by Melissa and Doug.

I did tons of research into travel tips, browsed great websites sent to me by my sister and found the best prices I could on these few new things. I've built up the excitement of their special travel bins and haven't allowed them even one peek inside:)

And if all that fails, we have tons of books, books on tape and movies never seen before!

Oh, and don't forget snacks:) I spent all day preparing food! Our house was filled with the aroma of freshly baked granola and homemade granola bars this morning. I also chopped up lots of fresh fruits and veggies and put them all in baggies; easy to dole out to hungry people! We have sandwiches made up for lunch, hobo packets all ready for dinner tomorrow night and muffins ready to pop in the oven in the wee hours of the morning.

4am the Thomas train takes off. CO, here we come!!!


Aunt t said...

Wow Heidi! Please go to sleep now! You are amazing, all of the bins for the boys are so special, I will pray for you as you travel!

grandma said...

Wow is right. I never knew any one who did all that for a trip. Gee Kids...I think we played how many cars you could count or something like that. That was it. I say Wow again. See you in Co.