Friday, August 10, 2012

Mountain Time

We are alive! We are safely in the mountains of Colorado with lots and LOTS of family(I believe there are at least 40 of us here).

I spent last night and today terribly sick with the altitude sickness and Ben didn't feel himself today but we are feeling a little more like ourselves tonight and are hoping to actually get out of the house and see something tomorrow:)

We celebrated my grandparent's and their 60 years of marriage with a truly beautiful (and emotional) tribute tonight. Dinner all together out at a restaurant, a movie of pictures put together by my mom and aunt, many funny and very emotional stories and tributes told by a lot of us to my grandparents and for those who were not half dead from altitude sickness, cake and ice cream.

And we all are wearing these really cool pins with a picture of their wedding day all weekend!

Pics to come. And stories to tell.

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