Saturday, August 18, 2012

We enter Colorado!

 We figured out very quickly that Eliana will NOT sleep in her pack n' play while camping. Who knows why. Toddlers have no rhyme or reason!

Each night, we tucked her in close to us on the air mattress and as soon as her eyes drifted closed, she slept like a log!

She rolled off once or twice onto Samuel's sleeping bag and I hauled her up. She slept through the whole thing:)

Sleeping Beauty on the morning we left:) She's pink because the tent is red!

Zakkai's joyful morning face.

He gets it from his father...

I finally talked Father Thomas into moving and we piled our gear into the van and took off! I didn't realize the time had changed while we were there and was disappointed to realize we were leaving an hour later than I'd hoped. Anxious to see family!

We took a few wrong turns/exits that were poorly marked and our 3 hr 12 min drive Thursday morning to my sister's house took more like 4 1/2 hours. Yuck.

We were immediately greeted by my grandparents, my sister, brother in law and my 2 nieces! Pretty soon my mom and step dad and aunt J and uncle G showed up and we were out the door and ready for our trip up the mountain barely 1 1/2 hours after we'd showed up.

Thankfully we had just enough time to wash the Nebraska dirt off before we left:)

The mountains. Oh, the mountains. They make the most boring drive absolutely amazing! The boys were like, "How in the world did the mountains get there?!"

I said, "God created them." Amazing.

An hour and 15 min later, we pulled up caravan-style to our new "Home away from home." A huge 8 bedroom, 6 bathroom, 2 living room, 2 kitchen-ed retreat! We packed in almost 40 people.

That first day was filled with everyone helping everyone unload cars, finding assigned bedrooms (my sisters did an awesome job planning it all out) and greeting long-lost family members. I have to admit, the most exciting reunion for me was getting to hug my family from Texas. I've miss y'all! :)

My mom and sisters and aunts jumped right in and started making burgers and hotdogs for all of us, while the men did the grillin'. Pretty amazing how much food was pulled together so quickly!

After dinner, my older sisters (who had planned most of the reunion) had a big family meeting where they talked about schedules and things to do and house rules, etc. We were ready for some fun!!!

Too bad some altitude sickness ruined that plan the next day. More on that tomorrow.

For now, enjoy a couple videos of Eliana while traveling last Tuesday.

I was trying to capture her sweet high-pitched voice. She says most things in a 2 toned, 2 syllable way and we wanted it on video before it goes away:) Ignore the creepy voice at the end of the movie; I'm pretty sure that's Ben's book on tape. haha.

I snuck a peek at the boys listening to a book on tape in the back. Samuel loved listening to the books while Zakkai was interested for a little bit and then was ready to move on. Typical!

Hope you're enjoying the trip catch-up!

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