Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pancakes and Packs of Boys.

Peace and Quiet. It restores my soul. And my sanity.

Eliana and I are adjusting to the long, quiet mornings around here. She only asks for her "brudders" 60 times now and at least isn't in tears over it anymore! She and I get a lot of cleaning/organizing done and some coloring, too, since that is her very favorite activity at the moment:)

Today I sat down about an hour before I had to leave to pick up the boys and felt the strong pull of sleep sucking me down. Would you believe my eyes closed 10 minutes before I had to leave?! And I didn't wake up until my phone rang. I jerked awake, glanced at the clock (Twice) and ran up the stairs 2 at a time to snatch Eliana out of bed and rushed out the door. I half walked/half ran to school and we made it with a couple minutes to spare. Whew!

I think I need to take up running though. Those 4 1/2 blocks were brutal. Things jiggle that shouldn't. My lungs were heaving and gasping for air and as I was running (okay, jogging) I was wondering why everything seemed to be going in slow motion when I was running (or jogging) so fast? Strange...

We need to work on a different afternoon routine around here. What we've started just isn't working! We don't have much time after school to unload bookbags, etc, check folders, do homework, have outside play time, eat dinner and go to bed. Unfortunately, I am not like the other neighborhood moms in that, I do not let my kids stay up til 9 or 10pm! I am a firm believer in early bedtimes and good rest for these very long school days!

And I now forgive my mom for all of those nights I stood with my nose plastered to my bedroom window, watching the neighborhood children play while it was still light out. I totally understand, Mom. Totally.

I finally cut the boys some slack and shooed them outside. It was out of total desperation because things were not going well. Our play rug was outside drying from our basement rain issues and the kids spotted it and next thing I knew, other kids brought out their play rugs, cars, ramps and whatnot and soon 3 kids became 4 and then 6 and then 7!

It was fun to look out back and see a big pack of boys playing with their hot wheels;) And it helped me do a little de-stressing. And then we had delicious apple-zucchini pancakes for dinner and I de-stressed a little more.

I'm easy to please, apparently! I highly recommend these pancakes, by the way. Highly. Check out my pancake recipe under the "recipe" category at the top of the page (Good Old Fashioned Pancakes). I tripled the recipe, ( so I could freeze some and we could have leftovers for breakfast) did a little white/whole wheat flour mix, added some diced apples, shredded zucchini, cinnamon and a splash of vanilla and they were GOOD!!

The funny thing? I guess we don't make pancakes for breakfast very often because when I told Zakkai he could save his last pancake for breakfast, he said, "For breakfast?! You don't eat pancakes for breakfast!"

Who knew?


Aunt t said...

Those pancakes sound yummy! We make old fashion pancakes most Sunday mornings with cinnamon syrup. I love pancakes!!

Aunt t said...

E is the cutest bag lady I ever saw! Z is quite an artist and poor Samuel, I remember those days.

mommyoflove3 said...

Cinnamon syrup sounds so good! pancakes are so good; i love that you can add so many different things to them. Miss you guys!

Aunt t said...

Miss you and all your beautiful children!