Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have purposely been ignoring the weather, choosing to remain in air-conditioning-free bliss. Windows open, fresh air. Love it!

But I did notice today that it was getting warmer and warmer and finally when I was convinced I was having menopausal hot flashes at dinnertime, I checked and looks like we're creeping our way up the 90s ladder towards 100 again.

YUCK and double yuck.

So back to air-conditioning we go. Sigh. Just when I was starting to dream of fall again.

Little Miss and I got to spend a whole day together today! She's been out of sorts the past couple of mornings and I totally think she is in the adjustment period, too. Her beloved brothers have disappeared to that mystery place called school.

She loved posing for me today, saying "Chee!" everytime I pulled out the camera:) We read books together this morning and she "helped" me do some cleaning/organizing upstairs.

Which really means, finding new treasures and scattering them everywhere and pulling out what I just put away:)

The boys continue to be tired, as I knew they would be. Samuel gets a bit of a 'tude when he is tired from school which I try to nip in the bud very quickly. His biggest complaint of the day? That he wasted one of his recesses standing in line at the tire swing and only got to swing for maybe "40 seconds."

He got his first page of homework tonight but finished it pretty quickly so he could play outside. What a life!

Zakkai claims that he only gets "like 4 minutes" to eat lunch and therefore can't finish. I happen to know that he is a slow eater because he's very busy looking around him, soaking up every little detail. Guess smaller lunches is the way to go!

He jabbered the entire walk home about his day and most especially a very exciting event that happened. Apparently an old battery charger in their classroom started smoking and the teacher had to call the fire department and "2 ambliences, 2 fire trucks and 1 police car" showed up to take care of things. He's pretty sure they sprayed some water all over while the kids were waiting outside:)

Then he told me that his class did some "work" afterwards but he couldn't stop thinking about the fire trucks and the smoke.

He asked about 422 questions about smoke/fire alarms on the way home. The only thing that I could think was to say several times, "And you know that you're not allowed to touch the fire alarms, right?! They are only for the firemen to touch or a teacher in an emergency."

I do not want to get a call that my 5 year old called his own fire drill at school. Ha! Remember the "911 talk" we had last year and how you all were waiting for me to tell you that the police showed up at our door randomly one day?

I think he's going to love kindergarten:)

For now, we're allll adjusting. I barely made it through my post last night before I was nodding off. In bed and sound asleep by 9pm.

I'm old. However, I'd love a good repeat right about now.....


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Aunt t said...

My, Eliana looks so cute in the piggy tails! She is going to enjoy and love all the attention she has from her mommy!