Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tired boys!

We survived a very long day today! My heart has completely melted over all the stories of these sweet newly minted kindergartners falling asleep every which way this afternoon:)

Zakkai fell sound asleep on our way to pick up our farm produce this afternoon, less than 5 minutes after getting in the car. I know it's silly, but it made me a little teary to look back at him because it was such a big reminder of how little he still really is! He's only 5.

As I found out at Z's curriculum night tonight, one of his buddies fell asleep under a coffee table this afternoon:)

The boys seem really happy so far. Samuel is definitely more confident, as some of you have pointed out. He gained so much confidence last year and is handling the transition really well so far! Aside from some extra emotions today that come with the adjustment time period. He says he really likes his teacher and I introduced myself to her today and she was very nice. We'll get to meet her and see his classroom on Monday night.

Tonight was Z's classroom night. I helped Ben tuck our exhausted children (who claimed they weren't very tired) into bed and skipped off to meet his teacher and see his room! His teacher is a very, very sweet lady (kind of weird to call a person your age a lady....what's the other option? Girl? Woman?) who seems to really love the children and will hopefully help them blossom.

Zakkai sits at a green table with 4 other friends and has a big classroom with lots of neat teaching tools, toys and learning "stuff." I think it'll be a good year for him!


We got our farm produce today, as I mentioned and we are just loving it so much! We got tons and tons of tomatoes, which Ben described as some of the best he's ever eaten:), basil, kale, some other green leafy stuff, garlic, bell peppers, hot peppers, a small watermelon, yellow squash and a very, very odd looking squash. I'm so glad we did this!

Now, I have to go join my exhausted children in slumber because I, too, feel like I could fall asleep under the coffee table;)

If I had one....

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