Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Glasses!

This morning we went to pick up Samuel's new reading glasses, which he has anxiously been waiting for. We think he looks so cute in them, although apparently the days of "cute" are over and he would much rather be called handsome.

He, on the other hand, does not think he looks nice. He thinks he looks silly:( He is very worried about being made fun of in school. We have reminded him of all the people we know who have glasses (hello! Mommy, Daddy, Eliana....), including a girl in his class but he was in tears tonight;(

Any suggestions to make this easier would be welcome!!

Our budding scholar:) We think he looks so much like Ben in his glasses!


grandma said...

I want to say he looks adorable but he would not like that tell him he so handsome and I mean that too. He will love them after awhile Im thinking of E who would tear them off and now look how she loves them. It feels good to see. Love you all.

aunt t said...

Yes a young Ben, I will pray for him! I know a few will be jealous and will want to be like him and get glasses too!

Charity said...

that is exactly what I just said - Looks like a Ben Jr. My goodness is he handsome in those glasses.

mommyoflove3 said...

Thanks all! I will pass on the compliments;) Isn't that so funny how much he looks like Ben??