Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snowy Day

Finally, we have a snowy day! The boys spent the longest time out this morning in the snow, playing with friends. Zakkai reluctantly came in when he could barely feel his fingers anymore. I remember such days when I was young!

Eliana didn't get to go out but the snow came to her. Daddy brought in some snow in a bucket and bowls so she could play with it for awhile. He says he took pictures so I will post them soon!

I am in bed today after a super long night. I hurt my neck somehow last Sunday, a pulled muscle or slept funny or something. I've been trying all week to stretch it, massage it, heat and ice it and everything else you can think of. By yesterday, something felt terribly wrong and I knew I probably would have to go see somebody if it didn't improve. Well, I went into a horrible muscle spasm last night and was beyond miserable and a little scared, too, to be honest because it hurt so bad, along with my head. Ben finally pushed me to go in to see someone and so I am resting today with muscle relaxers, pain killers and ice. The problem is the lack of sleep plus muscle relaxers knock me out! I've taken a few naps today and have only gotten to see my family briefly. Thank goodness for Daddy! Never mind the very messy house and lack of schedule, he's doing a great job!

The boys are currently at the library with Daddy and Eliana is sleeping. Off to enjoy some peace and quiet!


Grandma W said...

I hope your neck is better. That sounds so painful. It has always amazed me how just sleeping at a bad angle can be so painful. On another note, I am SO PROUD of S. B shared that with me earlier and I have been thinking about it ever since. In this world of craziness and meanness, it is so refreshing to hear about a child who cared for one of his classmates...and did not go along with the mocking crowd. There is hope!

Emily and Frank said...

Hope you heal pronto!