Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm so sorry to have neglected my blog. I sent myself to bed early last night with a terrible migraine. I seem to be suffering from them a lot lately and would love prayers to figure out why and how to kick them out on their backside!

I was up very early yesterday doing some party prep and making my grocery list and I thought I'd peek out at our guardian snowman, only to find him smashed beyond recognition. I felt really sick about it. I know it sounds silly. After all, it was just a snowman. But to explain to your children, who are innocent of the ways of this evil world, that some person lacking kindness and goodness, came by in the middle of the night and smashed their hard work to pieces....not an easy thing to do! Their sad faces broke my heart:(

In good news, we are working hard to prepare for this party on Saturday! I finally got off the procrastination train and the creative juices have been flowing. Finally. Hopefully I can get everything cleaned and put together with minimal stress! We'll see. I'm just really glad I don't plan parties for a living or something. Kudos to those people! Next year, we just may be sticking with a fun family activity. Maybe parties every other year? haha. I bet that would fly really well with them, don't you think?

I leave you with a sample of Zakkai's cute writing. They went to see a theater play of "I'm Going On A Bear Hunt" for a field trip on Monday and must've been asked what their favorite part was. Zakkai wrote,

"I liket the sho. I liket when they shwowtid the wotre (water) guns at us and I got shwowted in the face. Zakkai Thomas"

Haha, I cherish these writings!! Oh and p.s., "Shwowtid" means "shooted" which means "shot." In kindergarten speak:)


mugga love said...

Love Zakkai's writing! Love you

mommyoflove3 said...

I love you, too! Look at you reading my blog:)